The Cathedral & the Bazaar

Eric Raymond is one of the most influential people in open source movement. In 1999 he wrote a book named “The Cathedral & the Bazaar” in which he compared two software development approaches [open source and close source] and he pointed the pros and cons of each. For me it … Continue Reading →

How to create Google Chrome app

Few months ago suddenly my curiosity caught me regarding Google Chrome apps/extensions and how it is created. I did googling on the internet and finally I have decided to make my hands dirty and create Google Chrome app for my blog (blog.madadipouya aka[formerly] GeeksWeb ;-)). Anyway, what I have found … Continue Reading →

Create Mobile Application for your website

As you may have noticed this blog is running on WordPress which I am quite satisfied with what is provided and enjoying using tons of free plugins that provided. Few days ago suddenly, something came to my mind about having mobile application for my blog and I have started to … Continue Reading →

Bill Gates is still balling in 2015

Yet, Bill Gates is richest man in the planet and he is still balling in 2015 with 79.3 billion USD even though he is retired. Although, I am against of Microsoft policy and proprietary software, I strongly believe that for those people that want to be successful, Bill Gates is … Continue Reading →

Running command under root user in bash script

Sometimes there are cases that required to run certain commands under root user in bash scripts. However, for switching the root, user must key in the root password. In such conditions the best approach is to utilize “sudo” command with -S parameter to be able to run a process under … Continue Reading →