How to write a synopsis bio

Sometimes the most difficult task in writing is about describing yourself. To be honest it looks little bit weird for me and very though. Anyway, I was looking for a guideline to write a short bio for myself since I had decided to make little bit changes on my blog … Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese new year eve. In the countries that have significant Chinese population today is holiday or semi-holiday. In overall, tradition of Chinese new year is very nice and respectful for me, specially, the idea of reunion dinner on the new year eve that every member of family goes … Continue Reading →

Starting with Linux Crontab

Linux Crontab is a time-based job scheduler which you can run various programs and scripts in different time and scheduling. Matter of fact, Crontab is quite powerful and allows you to do schedule your task in any flexible way as you wish. However, for novice [including me], Crontab might be … Continue Reading →

Concat two strings in postgreSQL and MySQL

Recently, I have faced with the situation that I had to update one column value with the combination of two strings (one is another column string and the other one is a single word) for entire table. One way is to update each row manually but what if there are … Continue Reading →

Blogger vs Google sites vs Github

In the last couple of days I have become extremely curious about various blogging platforms and I have come to conclusion to write a short post for those that might get confused about the difference between Blogger, Google sites and Github. What I have found out regarding the mentioned platform … Continue Reading →

Resolving Google Chrome error your preferences cannot be read on Ubuntu

Sometimes Google Chrome for unknown reasons shows popup error message that preference cannot be read. There is a simple solution for this problem in Ubuntu. You just need to remove the Google Chrome folder from .config and restart Google Chrome and you check the result. But you should bear in … Continue Reading →

Android Lollipop officially released for Motorola Moto G

Android Lollipop is around for few months and on the first few days of its release it became available for Nexus 5 and some other phones. For budget phones such as Motorola Moto G I did not expect Google will release any update anymore, however, few days ago I have … Continue Reading →

How to install Evernote on Ubuntu 12.04

Evernote is one of the greatest online note taking tools. It provides more facilities such as video, audio tagging, and RTF texting in comparison with Google Keep and it is supported widely for all desktop and mobile operating systems except Linux. However, there is an unofficial application for that which … Continue Reading →

Linux console downloading Youtube audio and video files

Youtube-dl is a very powerful tool which provides bunch of great facilities. For instance, you easily can download an audio file of Youtube video directly with the following command, In my case I wanted to download both audio and video files without typing another command. In fact, my objective was … Continue Reading →

Changing users’ passwords from root user in Linux

Sometimes it happens that we forget our passwords for Linux system. In such situation if we do not have root access or password recovering the password or even changing it could be troublesome. However, if you have root access you can reset any user password easily with the following commands, … Continue Reading →