How do I write my blog posts?

In order to write posts for my blog recently I have switched to Google docs. It is quite powerful and easy to write and publish in WordPress. Before that I have tried LibreOffice and Microsoft office with Wine emulator on Linux but both of them when I paste text that … Continue Reading →

The best Android emulator for Linux

Besides official Android SDK emulator which is damn slow and ugly, I have found Genymotion is quite good and awesome. In Windows platform Bluestack has done a very good job and their Android emulator is very fast and totally usable but sadly there is no Linux edition of Bluestack. I … Continue Reading →

It is 2015 now!

Now it is 2015 and I am writing this post 5 days after new year. The reason for writing late is because I have tried to touch the computer as less as I could during since Wednesday until Sunday. Anyway, wish everybody to have a great year including myself 😉 … Continue Reading →