Setup Google mail for your domain

Google provides you to have its user friendly Gmail for your domain via Google Apps. This means if I have a domain for example and I have an email which is, I can access my email account in Gmail app. This is not a new facility from Google and its there for quite sometimes. However, in my case previously I just used server mail forwarder feature on Cpanel to forward my emails to my personal Gmail account but answering the emails always was a big issue because I had to login to crippy Cpanel webmail interface and reply there. Therefore, I have decided to setting up Google mail for my domain.

The steps to setup Gmail for your domain are so easy and quick. To start with just click on the below link and fill all the necessary information there.

After you have done everything just do one round of testing. High possibly, you can send email from Gmail but can’t receive any. Reason is due to MX records. For configuring MX records to point to Gmail just follow the instruction by Google which is available on the below link.

And lastly, Happy Gmail setup for your domain! 😀

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