How do I write my blog posts?

In order to write posts for my blog recently I have switched to Google docs. It is quite powerful and easy to write and publish in WordPress. Before that I have tried LibreOffice and Microsoft office with Wine emulator on Linux but both of them when I paste text that I have prepared the formatting would be gone and it takes long time to reformat again, therefore, I have switched to simple text editor such as Nano, Gedit, or etc. Using text editor is easy because I format everything after pasting my text in WordPress but still I felt that something is missing.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a friend of mine shared a folder with me on Google drive and after that I have decided to take a look at the features and accidently I have opened Google docs and in the first look I have quite fascinated, although previously I have opened it many times but this time was totally different because I wanted to prepare one note quickly in word 😉

In addition to that using Google docs allows me to edit my text in all of devices I have like table, phone and also for my record I can have my posts in form of word files.

Windows Live also provides the same features however, I have felt it is slightly slower and laggish. Other than that so far I didn’t feel any problem with Windows Live Office or its cloud service and for me it is just a matter of personal reason and preference that I use Google Drive instead.

In conclusion, I recommend both Google drive/docs and Windows Live since both more or less provide the same powerful features such as sharing documents and extensive use of cloud.

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