It is 2015 now!

Now it is 2015 and I am writing this post 5 days after new year. The reason for writing late is because I have tried to touch the computer as less as I could during since Wednesday until Sunday. Anyway, wish everybody to have a great year including myself 😉

In 2014 I have gained many new experience but overall for me I have expected more from myself and not very satisfied and totally ready for 2015. Still after 5 days I am having difficulty to digest that one year passed 😐

The intention of this post is to share little my experienced gained from last year.

  • Always plan ahead. Planning is a very good thing even if you will fall behind to follow it. If you cannot or have difficulty to follow your plan, still try to reschedule and follow up. But keep in mind don’t overplanned and make yourself exhausted.
  • Enjoy your life more to be more successful. If you are working or studying hard you should keep in your mind to dedicate time for yourself and your enjoyment. That is the key point of make you more successful. Of course not 24/7 having fun 😀
  • Don’t over promise anybody otherwise you will be in bad situation if you break it.
  • Don’t waste your time with those who are not your real friends or don’t care about you. Time is gold and most valuable thing we have so don’t waste on the people that have no use for you.
  • Money is always most important thing except for yourself. Earning money is too difficult but don’t hesitate to spend it for yourself because it gives you motivation to improve and be happier. Therefore, don’t be so stingy.
  • Do it or it will die. If you decide to do anything even if it is checking your mail do it now because if you feel not doing it, you might never do it again and always there is a chance to miss big chance.
  • Be healthy and eat healthy. If you are eating junk food and think you will do work out later to lose your belly, I am telling you this is a huge mistake because losing weight is very very difficult that we see. Therefore, try to stay healthy and fresh always.
  • Don’t keep silent. No matter you are student or working if you have any problem, question or anything always raise up your voice and ask for help or others’ ideas because if you will fail the only person that you can blame is yourself not anybody else and for sure everybody would also blame you.
  • Be realistic. There is highly slim chance that you will get so lucky or a magnificent miracle would occur to change your life 180 degrees from disaster to super awesome. The only person that makes your life better is yourself nobody else, that’s all. Don’t be too optimistic/naive and waste your life on waiting for somebody or something to change your life, do it by yourself or it would never happen.

Finally be smart and try to be always happy.

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