Resolving extra space in bash completion Ubuntu 12.04

Due to legacy ATI graphic card I have to stick to Ubuntu 12.04 yet since open source driver is almost terrible in power management and causes my laptop fan runs all the time and therefore, low battery life as well as heat up in Dell 1557 series. Anyhow, last night … Continue Reading →

Cloning an object in Java

In Java programming frequently occur that a clone of an object is required for a reason. However, if the class is user defined, clone method should be implemented by the programmer. For that there are two possible ways. The first one which is the most naive is to define a … Continue Reading →

How to activate Flash plugin in CentOS 6.5

I have CentOS 6.5 installed on my laptop for quite sometimes but I am rarely using it. Recently, I started using it again because I was little bit bored with Ubuntu and surprisingly found that none of browsers could play Flash video. Previously, on the time configuring the system I … Continue Reading →

Resolving another app is holding the yum lock problem

Frequently in my PC it happens that immediately after starting CentOS 6.5 on process uses yum for whatever reason which I suspect it should be update manager. This could be annoying because nothing appears in the interface and I really have no idea when the process would release yum lock … Continue Reading →

Console screensaver in Python

Python is a very powerful programming language and previously I worked with it little bit but not seriously. Recently, I have started to learn it again. The very first thing I really like about Python is its inline compilation which is a feature of dynamic programming languages. The other feature … Continue Reading →

Google translate features for mobile, Google is bad or good ?

Google is dominating almost everything in computer and technology area. In my last post I discussed about setting up Gmail for your domain email. In this post I have targeted Google translate. Google translate was not a very good option for me at first because it did not have English … Continue Reading →

Setup Google mail for your domain

Google provides you to have its user friendly Gmail for your domain via Google Apps. This means if I have a domain for example and I have an email which is, I can access my email account in Gmail app. This is not a new facility from Google … Continue Reading →

Sample Java generic code

Few days ago I was discussing with a friend of mine regarding some OOP concepts such as overriding, overloading, polymorphism and finally the discussion leaded to Generics in Java. Tonight, I have gotten little bit time to practice Generics. Basically, Generic is a type, for better understanding like Object type … Continue Reading →

Introduction to BitTorrent Sync and its setup

If you have multiple devices such as laptop(s), PCs, smartphones and you want to keep your data sync without being in cloud or even without using internet, I highly recommend BitTorrent Sync. In fact BitTorrent Sync allows you to sync multiple devices easily and is also available on various platforms … Continue Reading →

Blink tag replacement

Blink tag had never been official HTML tag and it is deprecated now. In fact none of the modern browsers supports blink tag and is not working anymore. In order to find a replacement for blink tag, I was searching around an hour on the net to find proper and … Continue Reading →

Few WordPress migration hints

Finally last week I have decided to migrate the blog to a better server. Actually, I had the idea long time ago but was sort of busy and also afraid of things go wrong. Anyhow, last Saturday simple blog migration started but for some unknown reason I was unable to … Continue Reading →

How to add iFrame to WordPress sidebar

It has been said that a good engineer can create something useful with the tools given to him, although, I do not consider myself even an half engineer but I managed to do something fun. Anyway, let’s back to the story. Few days ago I have decided to add a … Continue Reading →