Converting .nrg file to .iso in Ubuntu terminal

Few days back I decided to run a retro Windows based game on my Ubuntu machine with Wine. When I found the image files of the game, I did realize that the image format is .nrg aka Nero image. I searched little bit the net and found two useful command … Continue Reading →

Repeat URL request in Linux command line

Sending N times URL request in Linux command line is quite easy. There are various tools available for doing that. Here I will introduce just two of them I have ever used. First one is CURL which is very popular and useful tool and it can be used for various … Continue Reading →

Using Youtube-dl for downloading mp3 from Youtube

Youtube-dl is a very powerful command line tools that with making use of it you can download flash videos from almost every website. Working with it, is quite simple and you just need to provide an URL to download like below, Now in my case I wanted to download a … Continue Reading →

Solving Ubuntu 12.04 Netbeans swing problem

I have tried to launch and run a new Swing application in Netbeans 7.0.1 but surprisingly, I saw that when I had run the application, Java gave me bunch of exceptions regarding that “package org.jdesktop.layout does not exist ubuntu”. At first I have thought that the problem might come from … Continue Reading →

How to install FreeBSD 9.0 on VirtualBox

ABSTRACT The article expresses about installing FreeBSD version 9.0 as a virtual machine on ViirtualBox application. In the first part of tutorial you will familiar about installation procedure of FreeBSD. The next step is about configuration and installation “VirtualBox Guest Addition” package on FreeBSD. Finally, the last section talks about … Continue Reading →

Few Aticonfig command hints

If you installed AMD/Ati, you will have a chance to work with aticonfig command which is very flexible and provides bunch of options for you. Here I introduce two options which I use very frequently. If you want to get temprature of your graphic card, type the following command in … Continue Reading →