How to install Viber on Ubuntu

This is a short post about how to install Viber on Ubuntu (12.04) or Debian-based distributions. First of all you need to download .deb Viber package from official Viber website from the following link,

Keep in your mind that, the above package is for 64 bit distributions and it will not work on 32 bit ones.

Then after downloading the package go to command line and use cd command to go to the download folder of the package and then type the following command,

$ sudo dpkg –I viber.deb

Finally, after few minutes which take to install the package you can run Viber easily.

Those who do not use Debian-based distributions should download, .zip package at the below address,

After downloading it, you should unzip the package and then run installer file like the following line,

$ unzip

$ chmod +x Viber

$ cd Viber

$ ./

For more information please refer to the following link,

Viber Official website

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