How to install Viber on Ubuntu

This is a short post about how to install Viber on Ubuntu (12.04) or Debian-based distributions. First of all you need to download .deb Viber package from official Viber website from the following link, Keep in your mind that, the above package is for 64 bit distributions and it … Continue Reading →

Few things that you should do after installing IceWM

In one of my post I have explained about how to define hotkeys in IceWM environment. As I mentioned there, it is been a while that I use this cool desktop. In this post adding some features to IceWM and applying some changes to making it better will be explained. … Continue Reading →

Quick Java object oriented review

Few weeks ago I was reviewing my Java programming knowledge especially in object oriented area. After C# review post which I posted before, I wrote small but I guess useful review for Java as well. As mentioned earlier the main concern of this post is reminding object oriented knowledge in … Continue Reading →