Few hints regarding Arch Linux installation for beginners

Few months ago I finally gave a try to Arch Linux on VirtualBox to see how it was. In fact Arch Linux was totally different from all other Linux distributions that I have ever tried since 2005. Arch Linux is an independence Linux distribution and is not based on Debian … Continue Reading →

Solving loading issue of Eclipse after upgrading Java version to Oracle Java 1.7 in Ubuntu 12.04

Few days ago I wanted to install latest version of Netbeans (version 7.4) on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine. One prerequisite of new Netbeans version is Java Oracle 1.7 and by default Ubuntu is shipped with Open JDK 1.6, therefore, I had to no way except installing Oracle Java 7 on … Continue Reading →

Solving slowness of Wine in playing Red Alert2 on Ubuntu 12.04

I like Red Alert2 game a lot and I play this game frequently especially when I am bored. This week after few months of not playing this game, I have decided to give a try to this game and play it on my Ubuntu 12.04 for the first time. Before … Continue Reading →

Quick C# review for beginners

Few days ago I reviewed C# very quickly in few hours after two or maybe three years of being far from Visual Studio and totally Windows OS. While I was reviewing some parts of C#, I made note and I will share for those who want to have quick review … Continue Reading →

Cloning ls command in C and Java programming languages

Long time ago I wanted to write one file manager as a fun project in either C or Java programming languages but unfortunately due to some issues and having no free time, the project was unsuccessful and I had to give it up in the middle of doing it. Although, … Continue Reading →