Sharing computer internet with HTC phones in Ubuntu

Few months ago I was looking for a way to share computer internet connection with my HTC Desire C phone on Ubuntu. I have searched a lot for this matter and tested different ways which led me to no way. By contrast of internet connection sharing from computer to phone … Continue Reading →

How to define hotkeys in IceWM

IceWM is a basic and simple window manager which is used in Unix like systems such as Linux. There is nothing fancy with IceWM and it more looks like Windows 3.1 or in the best Windows 95.The good point about this windows manager is memory usage of it. It just … Continue Reading →

Extract all images of a webpage with its hyperlinks using Python

Python is one the most powerful general-purpose scripting languages which is used vastly by many giant organizations such as Google, Yahoo!, Cern and NASA. The main objective of creating this language is to write the code in fewer lines than other programming languages like C as well as keeping readability … Continue Reading →

Alias command in Linux

In Linux there is possibility to make your own commands based on your needs. Commands could be created in the form of applications, scripts or combining other available commands to create new commands. In order to create command from scratch you need to do programming, for example, implement your own … Continue Reading →

Simple encryption algorithm

Few days ago, I was looking for one encryption algorithm for testing and fun purposes. In fact, there are plenty of encryption algorithms are available which some could be found in the form of ready made libraries for various programming languages. For instance, DSA, RSA, SHA-1, MD5 and so on. … Continue Reading →

Recover WordPress website when it is redirected to your host homepage

Two days ago when I wanted to check my blog, I found that my blog was redirected automatically to the host homepage. At first, I considered about being hacked or some malicious manipulation from outside to my website. Firstly, I tried to scan the entire content of the website with … Continue Reading →

Few tricks for cat,diff and tail commands

Each time that I work with Linux command line console I learn new things but the problem is I learn different things which are not related to each other and I know if I wait to gather and categorize them, I will forget some of them and there is possibility … Continue Reading →