How to use Mplayer to display your webcam

Today I was searching for some Mplayer manual and accidentally I have found a post about using Mplayer as webcam application to show webcam stream or something like that. It was really interesting for me although at first I thought that it would not work but when I tried, did … Continue Reading →

Little text file processing in Linux command

Few days ago I received a dataset which had too many rows and columns. Each columns separated with tab and new records were separated with newline. Therefore, I had to edit some fields of it and make some changes. The changes consisted of remove duplications, replace some word instead of … Continue Reading →

Linux commands to get list of processes which use network bandwidth

Earlier in one of the post I already explained about process management in Linux and how to monitor and determine resource usage of each command such as process time, RAM, etc. In this post, I will demonstrate about how to get list of processes which use network bandwidth. In Linux … Continue Reading →

How to install Oracle Virtualbox with USB support in Linux

Most of Linux distros have open source version of Virtualbox in their repository which used to be called Virtualbox OSE (Open Source Edition). For instance, Virtualbox OSE packages are available by default in Debian and Ubuntu. Open source version is good enough for installing various guest operating systems but it … Continue Reading →

How to disable touch pad in Linux terminal

Few days ago while I was drinking coffee and working with my laptop little coffee spread in my laptop and unluckily it went inside of my touch pad. After that my laptop touch pad left clicked by itself even without touching it which is quite annoying. Unfortunately, the laptop does … Continue Reading →

How to create Md5 hash and verify file in Linux

Mostly it happens when you download an ISO file you see md5 checksum file in the directory of the ISO file but you might not know what is the use of that md5 file. The use of md5 file is to check/verify is your file (assume ISO) downloaded correctly or … Continue Reading →

Best two free hosting services

Nowadays you can find tons of web sites that offer you free web hosting services which support many features and are suitable for running your website on it. I tried many of these website and found most of them have kind of issue. For instance, one was closed suddenly and … Continue Reading →

How to exclude directories when getting list in Linux

In Linux terminal when you use ls command it returns list of all files and directories and unfortunately there is no option available to exclude either files or directories. Therefore, ls command cannot be used for this purpose but luckily there is a replacement command for this purpose and that … Continue Reading →

Dynamic array in Java

In the past I discussed about dynamic memory allocation and dynamic array in C programming language. In addition, I put examples for all explained methods. In this post I will cover dynamic memory allocation or more precisely dynamic array in Java. For recall dynamic array is useful when you do … Continue Reading →

Top ten most popular programming languages August 2013

According to TOIBE Software, the following languages in the list are most popular programming languages in the world. Keep in your mind that, this does not mean market demand for the languages. Java C C++ Objective-C PHP C# Visual Basic Python JavaScript Ruby Perl Top ten programming languages based on … Continue Reading →

Dynamic memory allocation in C

It happens sometimes you want to write a program that might need to use more memory for holding data at the run time and you cannot predict precisely how much memory you need at the programming time. For instance, in the simplest way you want to ask user to enter … Continue Reading →

Two fun terminal applications for Linux

Linux is not only powerful and flexible, it also is fun operating system for any user category from beginners to expert. Experts mostly entertained with some hacking and geeky stuff and beginners could enjoy from all those hacking things as well as simple fun. Today I want to introduce two … Continue Reading →