Simple CSS hints (part_2)

This post is the second part of CSS hints and tutorial and I hope that it could be useful for those who are learning CSS and web designing. In order to access to the first part click here. For changing the font of your content you can use the following … Continue Reading →

Text mode torrent client

As I mentioned in many of my posts, in Linux you can find text mode applications for various works such as music player, web browser, download manager, instant messenger and so on. The aim of this post is to introduce text mode torrent client with its installation procedure. For torrenting … Continue Reading →

Simple CSS hints (part_1)

This post is about CSS hints which I noted when I was learning web designing. It is also kind of tutorial for those who have not worked with CSS yet but have some HTML background. If you want to refresh your HTML background, you can go and read Simple HTML … Continue Reading →

Simple HTML hints (part_2)

This post is the second part of HTML tutorials. In fact these HTML tutorials are my notes when I was learning HTML I have made some changes to make it more comprehensive. I hope that it would be useful for beginner HTML learner. For adding pictures into web pages, “img” … Continue Reading →

Simple HTML hints (Part_1)

When I was learning HTML, I prepared small documents about it, in order to refer to it when I forget some HTML concepts. Now the first part of this simple hints or tutorial is ready and I post it here for those who want to learn HTML. I hope that … Continue Reading →

How to install Microsoft office 2007 in Ubuntu 12.04

Libre Office suite is very good and powerful but unfortunately it has compatibility issue with MS office files. Most of time files which are created in MS office do not show properly in Libre office especially MS Word files. Furthermore, this problem is existed with Libre Office which means that … Continue Reading →

How to add public key in apt-get

Many times it happens for me that I add a new repository but when I wanted to update my repositories with “sudo apt-get update” command I faced with below error.  This error indicates that the repository (in this example is not authorized and does not have public key. Solving … Continue Reading →

How to make swap for your Android device

Android has a great ability in memory management. Android does not keep inactive processes and memory blocks (pages) in main memory, instead it writes the process status in second memory and when you open the application again it seems that the application has never been closed since it the last … Continue Reading →