Singleton Design Pattern

Design pattern is a part of object oriented programming which sometimes is difficult to understand or find a logical reason to apply them. Overall, up to now design pattern was not that much useful for me and just makes my application really complex and in some extends difficult to understand. … Continue Reading →

Some Basic SQL Queries

Today I was looking for a specific paper out of the huge bulk of my notes and I have found notes about SQL paper which I wrote them when I was in level one. Therefore, I organized the notes and prepare a short review of basic SQL queries here. I … Continue Reading →

MySQL basic commands

MySQL database is tightly coupled with Linux and in many extends it cannot be separated from Linux in my point of view. In this post I want to describe about some basic commands of MySQL. Note that MySQL also has GUI in Linux but I prefer to work in command … Continue Reading →

Java Email API

If you want to integrate email application in your java program or like me you want to reinvent wheel for curiosity, you can use Java mail API. This API is available on Oracle website and free to download. So you can download it and add to your application to facilitate … Continue Reading →

Taking snapshot from Linux console (terminal)

Sometimes it happens that you need to take snapshot from your current console (shell) in Linux text-mode. The easiest and the handy way is, using fbcat application. In order to install fbcat on Ubuntu, type the following command in your terminal $ sudo apt-get install fbcat After installation easily you … Continue Reading →

Text-mode twitter application

As you know Twitter is a type of social network, micro blogging and it is very famous. Since mostly I spend my time in text-mode and I also want to tweet something without switching to GUI, I found a great application for Twitter. The name of application is ttytter and … Continue Reading →

Activate mouse in Linux console (terminal)

In regular Terminal application in GUI you can use mouse to copy/paste via mouse wheel or sometimes even you can click depends on the application you run. But in Linux console or simply in full text-mode by default mouse is not active and it has no use. If you want … Continue Reading →

How to install Netbeans on Ubuntu

After I upgrade my Linux from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04, I downloaded new version of Netbeans and install on my system. Therefore, I decided to make short tutorial about Netbeans installation. As far as I know Netbeans is not in Ubuntu repository and you should download it from its website … Continue Reading →

Most used and handy Linux commands (part_1)

Introduction This article firstly was written for GeeksArticle website and published it there but after few days we decided to close the website and now I put it here. I hope that I complete it very soon. This article is the first article of the most used and handy Linux … Continue Reading →

Linux text-mode applications (Web browsers)

Introduction I wrote this article to publish it as a series for Geeksarticle website recently but unfortunately the closure of it caused that I could not publish it. Now the first part is ready. This part focuses on text-mode web browsers with introducing them in details and their installation. Many … Continue Reading →

How to install Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English in Ubuntu

Introduction I wrote this article long time ago for geekarticle website and after closing this website I reviewed it again and added more parts and uploaded again here. That is why the structure is totally different with my older posts. The focus of this article is to express how to … Continue Reading →

Linux console calculator

Many times in Linux shell I need to do simple calculation like subtract, add, etc. Additionally, I do not want to run calculator for really simple calculation. So, I found expr which stands for evaluate expressions and is very handy and useful command to do simple math calculation to logic … Continue Reading →