Process management in Linux

If you are working with Linux in text-mode, it is vital to know how to manage processes, terminate them, prioritize them, etc. In addition, process management is more crucial for system administrators which mostly manage servers. For example, they need to terminate the process which is in infinite loop in … Continue Reading →

Socket programming in Linux with GCC

Linux is the paradise of programmers. It facilitates programmers with the numerous tools and flexibility. Programmers easily can develop and test their code in Linux freely. Linux has many compilers and programming languages which majority of them are freely available with good documentation, by contrast of Windows. This post demonstrates … Continue Reading →

How to make simple Makefile

In programming is very necessary to compile the application quickly after applying some changes in your source code. In other words, after modification you need to compile your code again to test it to see is it working or not. It is obvious that just some parts of the code … Continue Reading →

How to change runlevel in Linux

Basically, runlevel refers to preset operating state on a Unix-like operating systems. It means that in different runlevel various services can be activated based on the runlevel. If you want to change the current runlevel to something else it is easily possible in Linux command and with utilizing few commands … Continue Reading →

Introduction to Audacious player

In Linux tunes of audio/video players available if they are not more than Windows they are not less. Back to years ago Linux suffered from shortage of good media player to support all codecs with user friendly interface. Fortunately todays in each Linux box you can find many media players … Continue Reading →

Installing LAMP

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP. Installing mentioned packages in Linux is not difficult task as some users think that it is complex and procedure involves in manipulating many text file which is haunting and exhaustive. In fact installing LAMP if is not simpler than Xampp or Wamp … Continue Reading →

Listening to on-line radio in Linux terminal

Linux terminal has numerous abilities with using of different tools and applications. One of them is listening to on-line radio. This task is possible via utilizing either Mpg123 application or Mplayer. The procedure is really simple you just need to find “.pls” file and add the appropriate option to play … Continue Reading →

Text-mode instant messenger with multi-protocols support

In Linux world every GUI application has the equal text-mode application as well. This time I was looking for text-mode instant messenger as a replacement of its GUI counterpart like Pidgin, Empathy, and Kopete. After doing some search on the internet I have found many text-mode instant messenger applications. So … Continue Reading →

Printing characters before/after a certain pattern in a file in Linux

Many times it happened for me that I want to look for a certain pattern in a big text file and print the some or all characters after / before it. One that I was making my own dictionary from a huge text file that I have gathered before I … Continue Reading →

Flareget download manager as replacement of IDM in Linux box

Back years a go when I was shifted from Windows to Linux, I always thought that generally Linux suffers from one feature and it was the lack of good download manager which could download file with segmentation, having high speed and good GUI. I searched a lot on the internet … Continue Reading →


Few years back when I was in college I had Assembly course which was about how to program in Assembly language. On that time I was excited about do further research about Assembly and its use in today programming. Accidentally I found an OS which was written totally in Assembly … Continue Reading →

Opening Ms Office and Open/Libre Office in Linux console (shell)

As I mentioned in my earlier posts most of the time I work in text-mode and spend my time there. Therefore, I was looking for the application to open Ms Office and Open/Libre Office files in text-mode. I found two applications for this purpose. One does the job directly means … Continue Reading →