Dictionary for Linux console (shell)

Since I am not native English speaker and my language is totally different from English.

To be exact nothing in common from grammar, writing style or anything else with English.

Therefore, I need sometimes to use dictionary to find the meaning of a certain vocabulary or checking spelling of a word.

In Linux console, it looks almost impossible to have really good dictionary as I thought.

Fortunately I found two really good dictionary.

The name of the first dictionary is ‘Dict’. Basically, it is kind of online dictionary means it retrieves information from the interent. Using Dict is really simple. See the example.

$ dict flower

The second dictionary is ‘Sdcv’ which is command line version of ‘Stardict’ dictionary and it uses Stardict databases.

Therefore,if you already have Stardict with your customize database(s), you can use Sdcv immediately and easily.

Following example shows how to use Sdcv dictionary.

$ sdcv

Then write your word in front of ‘Enter word or phrase:’. Press enter and if you have more than one database, it will show

available databases to select to fetch meaning of word or phrase. Write your favorite number of database and if you want to

cancel it just simple type ‘-1’. Lastly, for exiting from application press ‘CTRL+C’.

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