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Before this web log I had website with a friend of mine but we decided to discontinue it.

As a result, I tried to make a simple web-blog for myself and start writing again but in totally different and odd way.

As you know the site just uses very simple and basic HTML files and it looks like a website around two decades ago.

The idea of having such blog came to my mind when I see Richard Stallman (RMS) personal website.

So, I thought to make something like that or to be exact to copy from him.

Additionally, I have my own reasons why I have selected his website design (no design).

1- It is really easy to handle. Just write something, add basic HTML tags and then publish it.

2- Does not take time at all.

3- No need of GUI, since I switched to console recently.

4- No need to graphic design and fancy thing which is out of my ability and simply I do not like designing.

5- My knowledge limitation. I never like web design, so I just know very basic HTML tags plus complete WordPress (experience in designing many websites with it.) and now I am still learning but simply I forget since I do not like that much.

If it was something in C/C++, I would learn it easy. 🙂

You may also want to know how I manage this blog and write posts and upload them.

It is really simple!

I use nano to write my posts since I am not able to work with Vi and Emacs editors. Then I edit my posts to add HTML tag with nano again.

Finally, I upload HTML files via ‘ftp’ command and of course before uploading I open HTML file with a browser to see it is showing properly or not.

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