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I was looking how to copy website URL from Lynx (one of text-mode browser) to a file for using in my blog and I found this URL which is really nice post.

Therefore, I have decided to copy that post here. All credits of the following part goes back to ‘daxim’ (user of

Press Shift+g to show the address of the current document, Shift+e to show the address of the selected link. You can copy the text with your mouse (or the keyboard, if your terminal supports that). Press a to save the address of a document or link to a (Netscape-alike) bookmark file, by up vote 5 down vote accepted default ~/lynx_bookmarks.html. You can open this in a different browser, it’s just HTML.

Additionally, with the use of head and tail commands you can attach/add certain line(s) of bookmark file to your document.

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