Checking battery status in Linux command line

If you use Linux in text-mode and have laptop you may want to check your laptop battery status like its percentage or charging battery is finished or not. I was searching on the net to find a way to check my laptop battery since recently I shifted to fully text-mode … Continue Reading →

Echo print in the same line

In shell scripting when echo command is used the output always is printed in the next line. For example, echo A echo B The output of two above echo will be like A B If you want to print output in the same line you can use echo with ‘-n’ … Continue Reading →

GNU/Linux VS Linux

Actually, the aim of this post is, to clear an old confusion about using Linux or GNU/Linux term. In all of my posts I use(d) Linux term instead of GNU/Linux but the point is that I do not mind to use GNU/Linux as well, means that I totally agree with … Continue Reading →

Audio mixer for Linux console (shell)

For people like me who cannot live without listening to music, controlling volume level and different channels is crucial. In Linux console for everything up to now that I am using it, there is a replacement of GUI. There are many applications for to control volume in text-mode as well. … Continue Reading →

Design of

Before this web log I had website with a friend of mine but we decided to discontinue it. As a result, I tried to make a simple web-blog for myself and start writing again but in totally different and odd way. As you know the site just uses very simple … Continue Reading →

Dictionary for Linux console (shell)

Since I am not native English speaker and my language is totally different from English. To be exact nothing in common from grammar, writing style or anything else with English. Therefore, I need sometimes to use dictionary to find the meaning of a certain vocabulary or checking spelling of a … Continue Reading →

Difference between ‘>’ & ‘>>’

I always wonder what is the difference between ‘>’ sign and ‘>>’ sign in Linux when want to redirect the output of a command such as ‘ls’ to a file. I thought both do the same task without any difference and finally while I was making my own playlist for … Continue Reading →

Making M3u playlist in Linux console (shell)

I have decided to work for a while in pure text-mode and not using GUI. Therefore, I use virtual terminal in my Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) which accessible easily with pressing ‘CTRL+ALT+F(X)’, X could be 1 to 6. If you press ‘CTRL+ALT+F7’ you will back to GUI again. To make … Continue Reading →

Opening PDF file in Linux console (shell)

I was curious how to open (read) PDF files in Linux console. I searched about it long time ago and on that time I found the solution as well but I have never intended to utilize it. Recently that I switched to text-mode (console mode), I have started reading PDF … Continue Reading →

Copy website URL from Lynx

I was looking how to copy website URL from Lynx (one of text-mode browser) to a file for using in my blog and I found this URL which is really nice post. Therefore, I have decided to copy that post here. All credits of the following part goes back to … Continue Reading →